Artist Spotlight 1 – Paint to life

Welcome to my first artist spotlight . I hope to post one of these a week .

Its my pleasure to present

Paint to life (aka GM Atank)

There are a lot of talented miniature painters out there but I haven’t found many that go beyond making a video of themselves painting. But Mike Does ! A great painter and awesome storyteller … watch him paint as he tells you the story of the character with animated images and different Character voices.

Here was his take on one of my Characters.

Swapmini 8 – Suhltar Warfang -Orc warrior

GM Atank over at “Paint to Life” hosts a one of a kind YouTube channel with bi-weekly episodic content that combines miniature painting with both Dungeons and Dragons lore and an original story about the subject that you can use for your own Table Top RPG purposes.
Additionally, the painting videos that accompany each episode are released as a stand alone video with “how to” commentary for those crafters who are looking to follow along with the process.
Funny, creative, dramatic and even sometimes emotional, GM Atank is a natural storyteller and charismatic personality.
Praised by both those who play D&D and those who don’t, Paint to Life is both informational and entertaining.
Go subscribe today and click the bell for new episode notifications! You will get hooked!


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