Since the beginning of Heroes & Beasts , I have always tried to put myself in the patrons shoes. Your shoes. What rewards would I like to get? What would be a cool patreon page to subscribe to ?

I am always thinking and re thinking on how I should change or add or even take away content. Editing design or changing how information is displayed.But Time is never on my side so I have to prioritise what I can do now I don’t fail will any of the monthly rewards. I am currently giving out .

Here is a “ small list “ of what I am planning for you.


I tried adopting the typical reward system last year… and to be honest, I don’t think it worked. Trying to figure out each month, who gets what, was a nightmare… and I didn’t have 126 patrons at the time .. so .. I had to think of a better solution.I wont go into details at this time on how its going to work but, I want to let you know I found a cool solution. Will work easily for all of us , and have a lot of rewards for everyone but its going to take me a while to set it up and get all the loyalty rewards created ( while I am currently creating each months rewards ) so time is not on my side. But I am on it!


I am not totally happy with the dropbox solution I am currently using to share the rewards. Its not user friendly with everyone .I have checked other options like My Mini Factory sharing and haven’t found one that good for everyone either.

But I expect to find a better solution using my official website ( will also be used for the loyalty program ) but will still use MMF share as an extra share option for those that like it .


I must admit I am disappointed on how I haven’t taken better advantage of this platform called patreon . Although this moslty due to lack of time.I don’t want to only make posts sharing upcoming content or announcing whats available for download.I definitely want you to engage more but I first have to give you a reason to engage. So I am organising my posts with title banners and adding new content to my slow patreon page.

  • REVEALS ( these show next months rewards )
  • DOWNLOAD LINK( announcing the rewards available for download )
  • THINGS TO COME. ( post like this sharing my plans and ideas )
  • EVENTS ( like the paining contest )
  • HOW I PRINT IT ( my tips on how I print , techniques and materials)
  • ARTIST SPOTLIGHT ( post talking about an artist or product I feel its worth sharing , Painters , sculptors , creators of all kinds of table top gaming content )
  • POLLS – ( various polls you may vote on )

I hope this will bring a bit more life to my patreon

Thanks for sticking around 🙂

Renato Leite

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